We are BLUE OX


A Jersey City duo embracing the sounds of stoner-rock psychedelia, anti-folk, and creative recording techniques.

With sounds reminiscent of Tame Impala and 70’s-era Pink Floyd, their forthcoming, self-titled debut EP echoes all the deep goodness of laying in bed on a Sunday morning after great sex, still a little high from the night before.

With haunting melodies and bold lyrics, singer Kieran Sullivan (Jessie Wagner, CC Roots) delivers each song with the confidence of a life truly earned. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Donny Dykowsky (Chesterwhite, Big Hair Girls) is a perfect compliment for Kieran’s approachable grit and melancholy as they both set the tone for a story-telling concept with themes of light and dark, the afterlife, and beyond.

Named after Kieran’s blue Ford pick up truck, the first Blue Ox session took place on April Fools Day, 2018, the day that truck was stolen. “I met Donny at a local coffee shop, and we had an inspired chat about music production and our influences,” says Kieran. “From there we hit my studio, threw up some mics, and 2 hours later we had written and recorded our first song ‘Whatever It Is,’ a cinematic piece that pays tribute to our heroes.” says Donny.

Thereafter, Kieran and Donny would meet regularly to write and record in micro- bursts always yielding a finished song.

The EP opens with “Panic Attack,” a visceral gut-punch about love and lust, and its companion video is a trippy anime journey told through the lens of analog video synths.  

Vocals, Guitars, Keys / Kieran Sullivan
Bass, Guitars, Keys, Drum Programming / Donny Dykowsky